A Week in Green

On this 7-day tour we discover hidden secrets of Plitvice, Lonjsko Polje, Kopački Rit, and Papuk. We will go the extra mile to make sure that you enjoy the wonders of these jewels of nature with all your senses.
  • Price from €345 per person for the trip
  • Room and half board included
  • Park tickets and tours included
  • CO2 emissions offset included
  • SINGLE €525.00
  • DOUBLE €345.00
  • TRIPPLE €322.00
  • National park Plitvice Lakes
  • Nature park Lonjsko Polje
  • Stork village Čigoč
  • National Park Kopački Rit
  • Ethno village Karanac
  • Nature park Papuk

Day 1

We take you away from the asphalt jungle to dinner, straight to the picturesque setting of Lika, to the Plitvice National Park! Good food means a good night’s sleep, and a good night’s sleep vouches for a good day which starts with a walking tour through magnificent Plitvice.

Day 2

A pleasant walk in beautiful nature opens up the appetite that you will be able to appease with original specialties from Lika. After lunch, we cater to other senses, indulging in individual walks and an opportunity to take memorable photos. We set off for the Lonjsko Polje Nature Park in the evening.

Day 3

We start the following day with birds chirping and a tour around one of the biggest European bird reserves, Lonjsko Polje, a true flora and fauna wonder. We also visit the Krapje village to see lovely Posavina wooden houses and more architectural heritage, and the famous stork village Čigoč. We then take you to dinner filled with local specialties.

Day 4

Of course, continental Croatia has much more to offer, and, after Lonjsko Polje, we take you to the Kopački Rit National Park. On the way, we stop at another original farm, this time in Slavonia, where you will be introduced to the life and customs of the locals as well as their gastronomic specialties. We continue our journey to the Karanc ethno village, where you will be accommodated, and the hosts welcome you, as customary in the area, with a full table.

Day 5

We spend the next day touring Kopački Rit, and the green symphony and the diversity of the animal world that you find there will make you forget all side-effects of the modern way of life. You can take stock of your impressions with the help of good domestic food and drinks, as well as enjoy a pleasant rest.

Day 6

A visit to the Papuk Nature Park is planned for the following day. Accompanied by an expert guide, you will get to explore this mountain in the middle of a plain, or, if you prefer, this island in the former Pannonian Sea. In addition to nature, you enjoy local delicacies and sweet dreams on Papuk.

Day 7

With a drive to the airport, unforgettable experiences end, but wonderful memories begin.