Stara Lonja

Ethno village Stara Lonja situated in the village of Lonja is a beacon of intact nature, silence of oak woods, clean air, croaking of frogs and singing of birds. Come and be who you are once again, who you used to be without civilization, noise, rush and anxiety.
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Price from €25.00 per day for unit

The ethno village Stara Lonja is situated in the village of Lonja at the heart of Lonjsko Polje Nature Park. The village is 120 kilometres away form Zagreb in the part of Lonja called Budžak - from Turkish meaning a nook or a hidden corner.

A long time ago the river Lonja flew through Budžak and there were about thirty houses there. Today a few surviving wooden houses have been refurbished in a traditional way and furnished with authentic furniture preserving the life that was providing accommodation for 8 persons.

In Stara Lonja you can enjoy walks in unspoiled nature, cycle, do sports in a meadow (football, volleyball, badminton, traditional bowling), rent a boat on the Sava and Stara Sava rivers, go fishing, prepare food by yourselves, or your hosts can help you prepare dishes by the open fire or in a traditional oven in an old hay barn made into a rustic restaurant.