Family Sklepić will help you grasp the atmosphere of past times. Here, guests have the opportunity to experience the village secretes jealously guarded for generations.
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Price from €25.00 per day for unit

If you go in search of preserved nature, village flavors and rural atmosphere, Baranja will amaze you with its extraordinary beauty. Located just a few kilometers from Osijek, this remarkable green valley is crisscrossed with rivers and channels. Its peace and quiet is only disturbed by the singing birds, barking village dogs, croaking frogs or roaring deer.

In Sklepić homestead built in 1897 you will see authentic Baranja house, typical for the Pannonian region, furnished with original furniture. The house has 7 bedrooms with 16 beds, and is full of authentic tools and gadgets such as a loom. Host regularly use their baker’s oven, pantry and a smokehouse where ingredients for your breakfast will come from.

Pride of the homestead in the basement, one of the deepest in the area, lowered 5.5 m inside a Baranja "mountain", it keeps wines and spirits, and as well as variety of foods properly and naturally stored. Behind the house you can see 560 hectares of vineyards, in the midst of it is a observation point from which you can see the whole Baranja!

Finally it should be mentioned that the work and quality of service provided by Sklepić homestead was recognized already in 2003 when they were awarded the "Tourist Flower" award for continental tourism by the Croatian National Television and Croatian Chamber of Commerce.