Situated in the village Plesmo, eco/ethno village Strug is located at the very heart of Posavina, by the river-canal Strug whose breathtaking beauty is above all expectations.
  • Price from per day for unit


Price from €20.00 per day for unit

The area itself is ideal for fishing, boat riding or photo safari. Intact shores of Strug and Posavian architecture of village Plesmo, are complemented with reconstructed autochthon oak houses. At the estate you can find restaurant with a capacity of 80 people and barbecue stall with a capacity of 40 people in here you host every day serve food from Posavina area and wine from Moslavina region.

Estate also provides accommodation for 20 people. All rooms are decorated in rustical style, combining tradition and modern technologies. All rooms have central heating, air condition, safe, fridge, free internet, TV and bathroom with shower or bath tub. For bigger group additional 30 beds can be provided in traditional oak houses located only several minutes of walking distance from Strug, in villages Krapje and Drenov Bok.

Relax and enjoy intact nature of eco/ethno village Strug. Wake up in ethno ambient of Posavian oak houses with cricket and bird singing while enjoying the view of stork`s, swallow`s and wild duck`s nests and spend time with our Posavian horses.