Stari Dud

Experience the perfect Farm holiday and Equestrian training destination located just 50 km south of Zagreb, close to Tourist centre Pertova gora, NP Lonjsko polje and NP Plitvice Lakes.
  • Price from €60.00 per day for unit
  • Breakfast included

Double room

Overnight stay / Price from €60.00 per day for unit

Stari Dud (Old Mulberry Tree) estate includes several vineyards, several fields of plum trees, meadows, forest and even a few water springs. Owners grow many types of fruits and vegetables and raise cows, sheep, horses, geese, ducks and deer.

Estate has many buildings but most visitors spend a lot of time in the restaurant serving just a few great dishes using old traditional recipes and produce grown on the estate. In the basement they have a rakija (fruit based strong sprit) and wine bar. A separate building host their “Ethno shop” where they sell all products produced on the estate ranging from sheep cheese, bacon and sausages to apple juice, jams, vine and rakija. Estate also features a swimming pool, sauna and provide accommodation in several rooms and apartment decorated in the traditional ethno style but still provide all necessities for a modern lifestyle.  

Children can have fun in a special playing ground or visiting the “zoo” where they can see all of the animals living on the farm. And the grownups can enjoy the outside bar and depending on season learn: producing rakija, traditional meet processing, basic cheese making, cooking course, jam and marmalade producing course and horse riding school and much, much more.