Baranja (Kopački Rit)

Kopački Rit Nature Park is a unique ecosystem that is changing by the moment. Located at the confluence of the Drava and the Danube River, the Park brings together a mosaic of channels, lakes, ponds, wetlands that are constantly moving.
  • Nature Park since 1968
  • One of the biggest floodplains in Europe
  • Included on the List of Ramsar areas in 1993
  • Ornithological reserve included on the list of Important Bird Areas (IBAs)
  • Network of interconnected streams and lakes create a rare “inland delta” phenomenon
  • Bird watching is possible throughout the year with 295 bird species recorded so far
  • Several marked hiking trails with educational information and fit for all ages
  • A network of local roads makes the flat area around the Park perfect for cycling
  • Fishing is allowed in several locations around the Park
  • Canoe rides all around the Park
  • A meeting place of Danube and Drava some of the biggest rivers in Europe
  • Many lakes and streams surrounded by fully preserved clean nature


Guided Canoe tours – depending on season several tours are offered and planed for different age groups and skill levels

Several guided tours specifically created for pupils including fun workshops teaching the importance of Ecology

Guided Boat ride provides a nice and relaxing way to visit the Park


The best way to begin your journey in Kopački rit is to walk along the nature trails. The first nature trail leads you from the Visitor’s centre to Sakadaš Lake. Panels have been set up on the nature trail describing animals, plants and wetland habitats. The picturesque Kopačevo village stands behind the beautiful reeds, willow trees and aquatic plant communities. Telescopes have been set up on the dyke right in front of Sakadaš Lake where you can see colourful bird and plant species. The nature trail leads you on towards Podunavlje. From this perspective, you can see the spacious expanding floodplain.


There are no marked cycling trails but most of the Park is fully accessible with bicycles.

A network of local roads makes the flat area around the Park perfect for cycling. Park is offering bicycles to rent, booking in advance is recommended.


Sport angling is permitted in some parts of Nature Park Kopački rit, mainly on channels, canals and the Danube River. The Kopački rit management office issues daily and annual permissions for sport angling in the Nature Park. Permits are issued according to the location where you want to fish.

So far 44 fish species have been recorded in Kopački rit among which the most outstanding species are the Crucian Carp, the Pike, the Carp, the Catfish and the Zander.

Bird Watching

Bird watching is possible throughout the year but the recommended periods are April – June and August – October. Park organises a bird watching tour lasting around 6 hours and the maximum group size is 15, booking in advance is recommended.

The largest number of species can be seen during spring and autumn migrations and then in summer. The number of species is less during winter, but still, you can watch tens of thousands of geese and ducks arriving from West Siberia. Until now 295 bird species were recorded, of which 144 species are permanent or temporary resident birds of Kopacki rit. Depending on season you can usually see between 35 and 63 bird species every day. The biggest number of species recorded in a one-day tour was 93.

Cultural Heritage

Built for Austrian Royalty the Tikveš Castle Complex consists of a forest, parks, and residential buildings: new castle with annex, old castle, chapel, and complementary building with a restaurant. If you book in advance, a professional guide will take you along the nature trail and render the historical development of Kopački rit. Panels were set up next to every building describing their characteristics


Souvenir shops are placed in Visitor's centre and Tikveš castle complex by the reception desks. A wide range of different products can be found for all tastes. The products are exclusively home-made like for instance: home-made Baranja wines and brandy, eco-jams, other domestic products made of natural materials with motives specific for Kopački rit and the surrounding area.

Park also provides an opportunity to adopt a bird or donate to plant your tree inside the Park.