Istra (Brijuni)

Brijuni National Park is often described as \"Paradise on Earth\". It consists of 14 islands and crystal clear sea that surrounds them. The earliest visitors to the islands, which left more than 200 footprints in the rocks, were dinosaurs 145-65 milion ye
  • Tourist resort for world elites for over 100 years
  • An archipelago consisting of 14 islands praised for their beauty and unique cultural heritage
  • Summer residence of Josip Broz Tito (then President of Yugoslavia) for over 30 years is today a summer resort for President of Croatia
  • Visited by Heads of State or official representatives of 90 countries from around the World
  • National park since 1983
  • Over 24 km of paved trails for hiking and cycling with option to Rent a bicycle or a golf cart
  • Golf course built in 1922 and restored in 2006 according to original plans
  • Other sports including tennis, diving, sailing
  • 100 million years old dinosaur footprints
  • Safari Park , Tito on Brioni photo exhibit, Arboretum…
  • Old roman villa, quarries



Golf course built in 1922 and restored in 2006 according to original plans.

Josip Broz Tito on Brioni – a photo exhibition of 30 years he used.

Safari Park includes animals given to Tito from representatives of many different countries and continues the tradition of the Brijuni Zoo established in 1912.

Some 200 dinosaur footprints over 100 million years old in four locations around the Park

Featured close to Pine trees alley you can see an Olive tree planted by the local Roman population 1600 years ago, it is one of the oldest living trees in the Mediterranean

Natural history collection – around 200 exhibits of stuffed animals (gifts to Tito from around the world) arranged in 19 dioramas showing them in their natural habitat


The biggest island “Veliki Brijun” has a network of paved trails connecting all of the islands attractions perfect for a light walk enjoying beautiful views and company of free roaming deer.

Park organises special guided tours: The dinosaur trail, Sacral trail, Witnesses to history, Photo safari, Introduction to Brijuni plants and others.


Cycling is possible on over 24 km of paved trails connecting all attractions of the biggest “Veliki Brijun” island. Apart for electric carts and tourist mini trains there are no other vehicles on the island. National park has 300 bicycles available for rent; still during summer peak season reservations are recommended.

Other Activities

You can also:

  • Rent an electric golf cart
  • Rent Bow and arrow
  • Play badminton, boccie, tennis
  • Diving
  • Popular yachting and sailing location


Fishing is not allowed inside the borders of Brijuni National Park but permits for recreational sea fishing in the neighbouring areas can be easily procured.

Cultural Heritage

Vila Rustica – archeological remains of a large Roman Villa

Quarries – Used since the antic times today they provide refreshingly cool walkways during the hot summer days

Exhibition of copies of frescoes and Glagolitic inscriptions of Istria and Kvarner


Souvenir shop is located inside Hotel Neptune and features a large variety of souvenirs but the most popular ones are related to Brijuni archipelago most famous resident Josip Broz Tito.