Rollin on the Una River

This unique biking tour takes you rollin thought three National Parks and one Nature Park in two countries. The tour follows remarkable surroundings of several rivers but most of the journey is relaxing rollin on the flatlands of river Una. On your way you will have the opportunity to stay in local traditional houses and family estates while eating and drinking locally sourced food, wine and spirits. Local delicacies like ćevapčići, pljeskavice, kajmak, šljivovica and many, many more will make this tour an unforgettable gourmet experience as well as a perfect insight into wonders of nature.
  • Price from €445 per person for the trip
  • 7 overnight stays with half board service in double room
  • 7 day bike rental
  • Entrance tickets for NP Lonjsko polje and NP Kozara
  • Tourist tax and other legal fees
  • CO2 emissions offset
  • Transfer €+75.00 (optional)
  • SINGLE €675.00
  • DOUBLE €445.00
  • TRIPPLE €416.00
  • Nature park Lonjsko polje
  • National park Kozara
  • National park Una
  • National park Plitvicka jezera

Day 1

Arrival to Sisak. (Optional transfer from Zagreb) Dinner and overnight.

Day 2

After breakfast you start you tour and bike though most of Nature Park Lonjsko Polje towards a village of Krapje (50 km of flat paved road).

NP Lonjsko polje, located at a crossroads of four rivers is one of the biggest wetlands in Europe and a remarkable ornithological reserve. Krapje, Architectural Heritage Village. The entire village is made up of traditional oak houses has been protected as a cultural monument of the highest category.

You settle in at a traditional ethno estate located inside the Nature Park. Dinner and overnight.

Day 3

After breakfast you continue your biking tour towards National Park Kozara in Bosnia and Herzegovina (50 km of mostly flat paved road and then 10 km of steep paved road)

NP Kozara was established in 1967 protecting an interesting ecosystem as well as cultural heritage located on a plateau located around 700 m over sea level surrounded by several slightly taller peeks. The Park also hosts a monument to victims of fascism during the Second World War.

Upon arrival dinner and overnight.

Day 4

After breakfast you descend down from the NP Kozara and drive along the Una River towards Bosnian Kostajnica and then crossing the river entering Croatian Kostajnica (45 km of downhill and flat paved road).

The Una River creates a natural border between Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. As it is one of the contributors to Sava River its final sections are protected as a part of NP Lonjsko polje while most the upper part of the river is protected as National Park Una in Bosnia and Herzegovina. During the drive you will pass though old towns of Dubica (Bosnian and Croatian) and Kostajnica which have served as important strategic fortifications for hundreds and even thousands of years. Dubica was established by Romans but its greatest development happened during 13th and 14th century when it was under the control of Knights Templar.

You settle in at your accommodation. Dinner and overnight.

Day 5

After breakfast your journey continues along the Una River and back to Bosnia and Herzegovina towards a small town of Krupa (60 km of mostly flat paved road).

The town was built on a river island as an important fortification and though out its history has seen many battles and suffered many divisions. While it was conquered by Ottomans from one side of the river the Austrian (mostly Croatian soldiers) army could send help in time from the other side. The town had its newest division in 1995 when parts of according to the Dayton peace agreement it was divided between two federal entities that form Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Upon arrival dinner and overnight.

Day 6

After breakfast you continue your biking tour towards Bihać and National Park Una (40 km of mostly flat paved road).

National Park Una protects the remarkably clean waters and ecosystem as well as cultural and historic monuments from this region. Most famous artefacts preserved by the Park belong to Iapydes tribes inhabiting this region over 2500 years ago.

Dinner and overnight.

Day 7

After breakfast you do final part of your journey driving towards world famous Plitvice Lakes National Park in Croatia (30 km of mostly flat paved road).

Protected as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1979 and visited by more than a million people each year, NP Plitvice lakes is a network of 16 lakes separated by naturally created travertine barriers placed inside a canyon surrounded by caves and forests. Visitors can experience this unique Park while hiking on over 20 km of hiking trails taking you all around the park and even over some lakes. To help you move around Park also has a network of small trains and electric powered boats.

Dinner and overnight in a green paradise.

Day 8

After breakfast your tour of Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina around Una River is over and you are free to start planning your next visit. (Optional transfer to Zagreb)