Terrain Dalmatia Zagora

Trail Dalmatian hinterland is suitable for riders with basic that can walk, trot, canter and gallop. You will be riding on historical ancient old Roman roads and cattle paths through beautiful rural parts of Dalmatia known as Dalmatian hinterland. You will be riding next to mountains Svilaj, Moseć and peaks of untouched nature. You will also explore the local culture as you pass through small villages full of friendly and hospitable people. Guests will be arriving during the day. Transfer from Split airport, bus or railway station to the ranch can be arranged upon request. Optionally, you can visit the city of Split with the UNESCO-protected Diocletian\'s Palace over 1700 years or a small town of Trogir, which is also under UNESCO protection.
  • Price from €650 per person for the trip
  • 7 overnights with meals
  • Rent equipment
  • Guide on tour
  • DOUBLE €650.00
  • Dalmatian hinterland

Day 1

At the ranch, on arrival you can relax with a small snack before dinner. You will also have time to get to know other guests, your host, make new friends and enjoy dinner with homemade wine.

Day 2

Morning starts with breakfast and a hot cup of coffee or tea. After breakfast you will get to know the horses and ride from 2-3 hours discovering the surrounding nature. You will have time to choose a horse for yourself. You'll go through the fields where you will canter and gallop through natural pathways. During lunch you will be staying at the ranch and then rest. After a rest and lunch you will again ride for another 2-3 hours. After an afternoon of riding you return to the ranch where you can expect a delicious dinner and a well-deserved rest.

Day 3

After breakfast you will get ready for the trail. You will groom and saddle your horse before riding. Riding up the hill Zelovo lasts just over two-hours  where you will have a pleasant lunch and rest. After the break you will continue to ride for about 3 to 4 hours to other places and villages where you will have an amazing view of the fields, forests and nearby mountains. After the trail you will return to the ranch for a nice dinner and drinks with your hosts.

Day 4

After breakfast you will continue to ride to the Svilaja Mountain where you will gallop across the field and go through Dalmatian villages of Ogorje, Leskur and Milesina. After passing through the village you will continue on ancient Roman roads to the mountain where you can relax over lunch.  After a well-deserved break will continue to ride over the mountains to the village Buzov. Then you will ride through the village Pribude to the ranch where you will enjoy a delicious dinner with the other guests and their hosts.

Day 5

Wednesdays after breakfast you will ride through the fields at the foot of the mountain Svilaja the old villages Crivac and Čavoglave. You will ride the spectacular ancient Roman roads where you have the opportunity to trot, canter and gallop. In the village of Marinići you will passing old wells with clear cool waters and have lunch. After lunch, you can explore the hill above the village which is famous for its caves and underground waters. Later that afternoon riding continues to the field where you will trot and gallop. You will continue over Crivac fields and then return to the ranch through the glades and forest roads.

Day 6

In the morning after breakfast you will get ready for yet another trail. The day begins with a gentle trot, riding through the field towards the top of the mountain Svilaja on natural paths. Half way through you will have a delicious lunch and a beverage (1300 meters above sea level). You will then continue to the mountain top Svilaja (1508 m above sea level) where you will enjoy the view of the Perucko , lake Cetina river, Adriatic sea and nearby islands! Panoramic view is truly breathtaking. After the break you will ready the horse and continue down the mountain to the ranch where you will dine.

Day 7

After breakfast we will have you riding the mountain Moseć. You will ride through beautiful fields and pastures at the foot of mountains and streams, and will ride on a gravel road to a lunch destination for. After lunch you will ride through the mountain canyon. Later this afternoon you will return to the ranch where you can rest after the trail and have a delicious dinner and conversation, remembering good experiences during the trail.

Day 8

Departure is scheduled after breakfast  or if you want  you can visit Split.