Apartment Petrijevcanin

Rural household family Petrijevčanin located in Aljmaš is the right place for relaxation, creativity and learning many culinary crafts.
  • Price from per day for unit

Double Room

Price from €30.00 per day for unit

Situated on the right bank of the Danube, just a few kilometers downstream from Kopački rit Aljmaš is a unique location for anglers and bird lovers. But at the family homestead Petrijevčanin you have the opportunity to experience a number of customs and traditions of the region.

Guests in a well furnished apartment apart for using the pool, parking spaces and wireless internet can sample and buy their numerous local souvenirs like plum spirits, sweet pork rind and even homemade ice cream.
Special souvenir is a traditional cookbook on CD, a collection of many traditional recipes that the hosts diligently collected and saved them from oblivion. The hosts organize creative workshops for making homemade cupcakes and cakes for special occasions.