Papuk Natural Park is located on the hills and mountains around Papuk (953m),that used to be island in Pannonian Sea, until a few million years ago. Due to its unique geology was proclaimed first Croatian Geopark.
  • Nature park established in 1999 expending protected area established in 1948
  • First Croatian Geopark featuring over 350 million years of geological formations
  • Papuk Mountain (953 m) used to be an island surrounded by sea and today it rises over a large flat area and provides a unique habitat for plant and animal life
  • 5 marked mountain hiking trails accessible to all ages
  • 3 circular cycling trails with varying difficulty starting at the same location
  • Rock-climbing
  • Geological monument of nature – Rupnica
  • Archaeological sites dated back to Iron age
  • Special forest reserve
  • Many old fortresses


Rupnica is a unique geological locality in Croatia showing columnar jointing of volcanic rocks. Volcanic pillars are mostly vertical apart from those in the middle, which are bent. These pillars are sure to amaze, showing volcanic eruptions usually known for their destructions as beautiful acts of nature.

Sekulinačka mountain protected as a Special forest reserve mostly consisting of 150 year old beech trees.


Due to its low overall height Papuk is one of the most popular hiking destinations in Croatia fit for all ages. There are 5 marked mountain hiking trails climbing up from 300 to 700 meters. Mountain also hosts 6 mountaineering huts managed by local Mountain climbing associations.


Park has 3 predefined cycling trails of varying difficulty running partly on paved roads and partly off road. All 3 trails are circular and all start from St. Augustine church in town called Velika. Trail 1 is 13.7 km long and has the altitude variance of 356 m. Trail 2 is 20.8 km long and has the altitude variance of 399 m. Trail 3 is 23.8 km long and has the altitude variance of 484 m.

Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is available at location Sokoline. Rock face is divided into 4 sectors with 10 routs prepared so far climbing up to 15 m. Routs are classified as 4b, 5a, 5b and 5c difficulty.

Cultural Heritage

Archaeological site dated back to Iron age ('Halstat' culture) with specific mud graves and many artefacts unique to this location.

Park hosts many old military fortresses. The most famous one and one of the largest preserved fortress complexes in Croatia is Ružica town. Dated back to 13th century it was actively used for more than 500 years by many different armies.


Souvenir shop is located inside the Park visitors centre in town of Velika. Apart for many books about the park they offer replicas of 16 million year old sea shell fossils, ceramic replicas of iron age mugs, urns and other objects.